From administrative to industrial and technical positions, Alternative Staffing – AZ provides talented employees for a variety of workplace settings. Whether you need an employee for one day or one year, we'll find the right person who will make positive contributions to your company. Our services include:

  • Temporary Placements – For absences or shortages, planned or unplanned, we have a pool of qualified employees who can help fill the gaps. Our hiring process ensures that employees have the skills and training necessary for the job.
  • Temp-to-Hire – If you want to make sure an employee is a good fit before hiring, our flexible temp-to-hire option helps you both make the best decision. This option also allows you to immediately fill a position and get to know the employee while saving on payroll, hiring and other employee-related expenses.
  • Direct Placement – Let us handle recruitment, interviewing and screening for permanent positions. We will act on your behalf and find candidates who will meet your hiring criteria.

When you work with Alternative Staffing – AZ you know you will receive the best employees for the job every time – guaranteed. With our satisfaction guarantee you never pay for unsatisfactory performance. In many cases we can offer same-day replacement to make sure you have a productive work day.