We know finding outstanding employees can be a time-consuming task for many businesses, which is why many turn to Alternative Staffing – AZ for their staffing needs. Whether you need an employee for one day or one year, we can help offer flexible temporary, temp-to-hire or direct placement solutions that will help fill in the gaps. From administrative personnel to skilled professionals, we can assist in finding quality employees to ensure you have a productive workday.

We handle recruiting, interviewing and screening to make sure you get the best person for the job:


Providing high-caliber employees for our customers is our highest priority. We continuously recruit applicants through referrals, career fairs and classified ads to find you the most qualified people for the job.


Ensuring an employee is a good fit for your business goes beyond a paper application. Each of our prospective employees participates in a standard interview and screening process. This process allows us to not only match an employee’s skills and experience with the needs of your business, but also to match their personality, attitude and work philosophy.


At the request of our clients, we have the ability to test the skills and experience of prospective employees in a variety of areas depending on the position for which they are applying. This process allows us to remove unqualified applicants from consideration so you get the most qualified person for the job.

Our thorough hiring process means you can rest assured you will receive the best person for the job. Plus, once you hire an employee we handle payroll and all legally required payroll deductions, including unemployment and workers’ compensation insurance.

With more than a decade in the staffing industry, we take the work out of finding qualified employees so you can focus on your business.